The principle ideoligies of the Club are quite simple. First and foremost is mutual respect, courtesy and reservedness towards one another. Guests enjoy a heartfelt welcome.

The club enjoys and respects it's private nature and also the privacy of it's membership.

The clubs also offers Cultural programmes which consist mainly of Concerts during the winter months. However other programmes, fpr example, interesting lectures or other events, often organised or animated through our members, do also take place throughout the year.

Terms and Conditions

Clubmembership is limited to 600 active players.

An active member is anyone who, irrespective of age or length of membership tenure, pays a full annual subscription fee.

We support and encourage children and youths.
Every 6th member is a junior member.

For membership requests please use our membership bid in conjunction with our terms of admission. Our clubmanagement is on hand to assist you with any other requests or queries.

Cost of Active Membership

Apart from the yearly subscription fees which, currently, amounts to € 1.950,00, there is an added yearly investment, during the first 20 years of membership, of € 735,00 (in total € 14.700,00) expected. It is possible that the investment contribution, upon granting of reductions for lengthier membership commitment, to be prepaid in sections en fond perdu.


Amount of Investment









perpetual (from 70 years on)


Students and Trainees pay, up until the age of 28, annual membership fee of € 690,00.

The annual subscription for children is, up until the age of 10, € 170,00 and for youths and adolescents, up until their 19th birthday € 350,00.

In addition, participation in our summer training costs € 270,00 respective € 220,00 for younger kids. The training costs for the winter season are up to € 100,00.

Thanks to the support of Förderverein First Drive – golf for kids e.V. the participation in these lessons is, for talented and dedicated juniors, free of charge.

Passive Members

Passive members are those who enjoy being connected to the Bad Vilbeler Golfclub e. V. without being entitled to play on the course. Annual subscritpions are € 400,00 for a passive membership.

Corporate Membership

A corporate membership can be arranged on individual terms.

Junior Programme

Our junior programme seeks and succeeds in giving support to our, over one hundred, junior players. This task is one of our favourites and we go about it with diligence and care.

Together with our Junior coordinator and our specialist junior Trainers we strive to encourage and promote sport activities as well as the social development of our aspiring golfing offspring. Embedded in our work is the support we give regarding the contact amongst, and with, the adult membership.

Our competetive juniors are introduced into the club's teams as early as seen fit, enabling an early introduction into regional and then national Tournament play.

An insight into our concept can be read by viewing the following broshure. Our programme is in constant change and development depending on the constantly evolutionising demands we choose to embrace.

The responsibilites for this programme are shared between our delegated Junior Captain, Junior Trainers, DGV qualified Trainers and our club management.

Application Forms

These forms are necessary for the application for Membership of the Bad Vilbeler Golfclub Lindenhof.


The Golfcourse is generally very easily accessible.

From the city centre of Frankfurt, Frankfurt Airport, from Oberursel, Bad Homburg, Hanau and Offenbach the route takes you from the A661 and the B3 then take the exit Bad-Dortelweil. From all these directions a drive of approximately only 20 minutes can be expected.

There are enough parking possibilities directly at the Golfclub.


The most southern point of the region of the Wetterau (where the golf course Lindenhof is situated) was first inhabited by settlers of the Neolithic era 7,000 years ago. The landscape surrounding the golf course was and indeed is continually shaped and moulded by the river Nidda which winds its way around the course. In earlier times its was known for its abundance of fish as it meandered through the lands. The Romans appreciated the fertility and the microclimatic conditions of the southern Wetterau which is one of the warmest regions of the State of Hessen. The golf course lies above an old Roman road, which, at that time joined two earlier Roman estates. Following the retreat of the Romans in the year of 269 after Christ, the settlement of this fertile region continued and flourished.

In the late Middle Ages the village of Dortelweil and its district, where the course substantially resides, was adjoined with the neighbouring Free Imperial City of Frankfurt. The city sought to develop a close relationship to the village. In order to impede the siege of Frankfurt, the villagers of Dortelweil destroyed their entire harvest and provisions. This resulted in the enemy setting the whole village in flames. Due to its willingness to make such large sacrifices, the Free Imperial City of Frankfurt thus felt henceforth united to the small village of Dortelweil. This connection, however didn't spare the indebted and bound village much sorrow and grief during the ensuing centuries of war and such.

The binding services to the city are long since fulfilled. The once small and rural village is now an integral estate within the town of Bad Vilbel which continually succeeds against any naturalisation attempts from the City of Frankfurt.

The family of the Barons of Holzhausen, many of whom were elected to the mayorship of the city of Frankfurt, decided during the 18th century, to build a country estate in Dortelweil. Today, a part of this country estate forms an important area of the golf course Lindenhof. Many established families of the parish of Dorteweil and their neighbouring village of Gronau have generously contributed their land enabling the construction of the golf course.

The initial idea to build the course was born in the year of 1987 by the long established farmer Otto Jehner from Dortelweil itself. The course is a Hannover based Dr. Wolfgang Siegmann design.

The design of the clubhouse is a result of the collaberation between the Munich based architects Prof. Fred Angerer and Peter Gehring.



Bad Vilbeler Golfclub Lindenhof e.V.
Lehnfurther Weg 1
61118 Bad Vilbel – Dortelweil


Anne Wenzel (Clubmanager)
Alexandra Kau-Born
Aline Seehof
Sylke Grunenberg
Regina Sarroca-Espi
Tel.: 06101 989 373-0
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de


Anne Wenzel
Tel.: 06101 989 373-33
E-Mail: anne [.] wenzel [at] bvgc [.] de


Petar Arsenic
Tel.: 06101 / 5245-140
E-Mail: über externes Kontaktformular

Golf Professionals

Jonathan Wilson – Head Professional
Mobil: 0175 / 5748 769
E-Mail: jonathan [.] wilson [at] bvgc [.] de
Lesson Unit: 25min € 33,00

Peter Jäger – DGV A-Trainer
Mobil: 0179 / 5980 645
E-Mail: peter [.] jaeger [at] bvgc [.] de
Lesson Unit: 25min € 30,00

Thomas Kubiak – DGV B-Trainer
Mobil: 0172 / 9961 565
E-Mail: thomas [.] kubiak [at] bvgc [.] de
Lesson Unit: 25min € 30,00

Bengt Plaschke – DGV B-Trainer
Mobil: 0175 / 5215 420
E-Mail: bengt [.] plaschke [at] bvgc [.] de
Lesson Unit: 25min € 30,00


Wolfgang Chodzinski
Tel.: 06101 / 989 373-44
Email: caddymaster [at] bvgc [.] de

Golfclub Workshop

Jonathan Wilson
Mobil: 0175 / 5748 769
E-Mail: jonathan [.] wilson [at] bvgc [.] de


Manfred Jehner – Head-Greenkeeper
Email: manfred [.] jehner [at] bvgc [.] de


Hans-Jürgen Nitsch
Daniela Staubesand
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Pro Shop

Golf- & Sportmode Born GmbH
Ilse Born
Tel.: 06101 / 989 373-22
Fax: 06101 / 989 373-73
E-Mail: proshop [at] bvgc [.] de


accessible under:
Tel.: 06101 / 989 373-0
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de


Dr. Hansgeorg Jehner
E-Mail: dr [.] jehner [at] bvgc [.] de

Vice President and Treasurer

Jochen Dorsheimer
E-Mail: jochen [.] dorsheimer [at] bvgc [.] de

Vice President and Course Manager

Heinz Wolski
E-Mail: heinz [.] wolski [at] bvgc [.] de


Murray Macnab
E-Mail: murray [.] macnab [at] bvgc [.] de

Junior Captain

Claudia Rathgeb
E-Mail: claudia [.] rathgeb [at] bvgc [.] de


Isabel Alfes
E-Mail: isabel [.] alfes [at] bvgc [.] de

Mens and Ladies Captains

DGL Upper League Ladies – Carlotta Jelko & Julia Neese
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

DGL Upper League Men – Jan-Niklas Reimann
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Hessen League AK30 Men – Dr. Matthias Gehrke
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Hessen League AK50 Ladies – Veronica Malasomma Jelko
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Hessen League AK50 Men I – Lars Carlsen
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Hessen League AK50 Men II – Bernd Groebler
E-Mail: bernd [.] groebler [at] bvgc [.] de

Hessen League AK65 Men – Werner Lang
E-Mail: werner [.] lang [at] bvgc [.] de

RMKL – Helmut Ranz
E-Mail: helmut [.] ranz [at] bvgc [.] de

DNL – Barbara Schwarz & Christine Schmidt
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Ladies Section – Birgit Senftleben
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Mens Section – Hans-Joachim Weidtmann
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Seniors Section – Jürgen Hettinger & Jochen Juister
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de