Junior Training

For more information about this main focusing point in the life of the club visit Junior Programme and Junior Training in our Calendar

Golf Professionals

A fact that needs to be admitted: Golf is sometimes frustrating even for the most experienced golf professionals. Keep calm, continue and enjoy it when the frustration turns, once again, into joy and pleasure.

A lot of sports – like soccer or ski jumping – are often operated from a couch, by staring at a TV screen.

Golf, on the other hand, can be actively played and enjoyed up to and into old age. Almost all golf rounds are exciting and entertaining. They are, definately, always physically challenging and good for your health.

Last but not least: Professional athletes from many differing types of sports love to play golf whichever age they are. Reap the benfits after taking a lesson with one of our Professionals.

Jonathan Wilson

Head Professional

Cell: 0175 / 5748 769
E-Mail: jonathan [.] wilson [at] bvgc [.] de
Coaching segment (25 Minutes): € 40,00

Peter Jäger

PGA Pro, DGV A-coach, graduated sports scientist (diploma)

Cell: 0179 / 5980 645
E-Mail: peter [.] jaeger [at] bvgc [.] de
Coaching segment (25 Minutes): € 40,00

Thomas Kubiak

PGA G2-Professional and DGV A-Coach

Cell: 0172 / 9961 565
E-Mail: thomas [.] kubiak [at] bvgc [.] de
Coaching segment (25 Minutes): € 37,50

Bengt Plaschke

PGA Masterprofessional, PGA Health Professional, TPI certified & DGV B-Trainer

Cell: 0175 / 5215 420
E-Mail: bengt [.] plaschke [at] bvgc [.] de
Coaching segment (25 Minutes): € 40,00

Niklas Aubel

HGV-C-Coach and Coach „Minis“

Contact via secretaries office: 06101 / 989 373-0
E-Mail: info [at] bvgc [.] de

Courses for Beginners

A simple and enjoyable possibility to come into initial contact with our wonderful game is offered followingly Beginners Training, for groups of 2-8 people to enjoy their first steps.

Generally, upon realising interest in the game, the next step is a private lesson to be found by one of our four Professionals, who will dedicate his undivided attention to your individual needs and help you on your way to becoming a good or maybe even great player of the game.

Playing Licence

In order to be allowed to play "on course" golf without being accompanied by a golf professional, it is necessary to have the so-called "playing licence” which can be considered as a kind of “driver’s licence for the golf course”. It ensures your protection and the protection of other players.

The licence to play is granted by your golf professional who is, in this regard, solely responsible for you.

Corporate Day Offers

As an incentive for your business partners and/or employees, we offer individually tailored golf events for business corporations. Working together, we can develop a golf-package that meets your expectations and requirements.

For further Information and Contact: Head Professional Jonathan Wilson and PGA Professional Peter Jäger.