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General Information

Monday, 22. July 2019

The golf course (summer greens) and the practice areas (driving range, putting green, pitch & putt) are open.

The continuous dry weather conditions require intensified watering, also throughout the day (exception: competitions).

Our Sundown Greenfee offer is currently available after 7:00 p.m. Guests enjoy unlimited play for a reduced Greenfee.

Our secretaries office is readily available for any questions or issues surrounding your on course experience.


Time frame: 14 days

Damengolf (Open Competitions)
Tuesday, 23.07.2019, 14:00

Herrenfreundschaftsspiel mit GC Bad Nauheim (Competitions for Guests)
Wednesday, 24.07.2019, 14:00

Seniorengolf (Open Competitions)
Thursday, 25.07.2019, 11:00

Seniorengolf 9-Loch (Open Competitions)
Thursday, 25.07.2019, 11:00

Lindenhof Ryder Cup (Competitions for Guests)
Friday, 26.07.2019, 13:00

Lindenhof Ryder Cup (Competitions for Guests)
Saturday, 27.07.2019, 11:00

Lindenhof Ryder Cup (Competitions for Guests)
Sunday, 28.07.2019, 11:00

Abschlag 1 reserviert (Competitions for Guests)
Tuesday, 30.07.2019, 09:30

Herrengolf ab 16 Jahre (Open Competitions)
Wednesday, 31.07.2019, 14:00

Seniorengolf (Open Competitions)
Thursday, 01.08.2019, 11:00

Monatsbecher (Club Competitions)
Saturday, 03.08.2019, 10:00

Monatsball (Junior Competitions)
Sunday, 04.08.2019, 11:00

Golf Trips

Golfreise nach Island (Bengt Plaschke)
25.07. – 01.08.2019

Golfreise nach Italien (Jonathan Wilson)
21.08. – 25.08.2019

Golfreise nach Katalonien (Spanien) (Bengt Plaschke)
29.10. – 05.11.2019

Golfreise nach Portugal (Thomas Kubiak)
09.11. – 16.11.2019

Special Events

There are no special events in the coming four weeks.